Commercial Basis for Participation

Foundation Participation in the Institute is open to large commercial, investor, government and community organisations. Subscription is set on the basis of each organisation’s size within the economy.

The subscription covers a defined set of services (fee-for-service model) defined within a contract between the Participant and the Institute.

A sample “Heads of Agreement” document for Foundation Participation is available now.

Decision Making Process

Once an organisation’s leaders have identified that they have a strategic interest in the outcomes that can be achieved by the Institute, each organisation will need to follow its own decision making process.

Managerial action from each relevant organisation will investigate their own cost-benefit of participation, and negotiate a collaboration agreement with the Institute. Each will determine their own ability to participate within their own constraints.

Institute staff together with relevant organisation managers will develop and negotiate a customised Heads of Agreement document designed to meet the specific needs of each Participant.

Future Effective Process

This “Outcome Endorsement” method reflects a simplified version of the role that leaders can play within future-effective performance – determining what value looks like – and delegating a “proceed while it makes sense to do so” directive deeper into the organisation.

Customised Heads of Agreement development is open now.

Email to get your organisation started.