BREAKING THE DEADLOCK roundtable discussion forums are being scheduled around the country towards building the Institute’s National Collaboration. These roundtables demonstrate the level of interest in cross-sectoral national collaboration; they are focused on:





COMPLETE – Long-Term Investor Performance (Parliament of Victoria, 17 April, 2018)
COMPLETE – Corporate Performance (Parliament of Victoria, 11 May, 2018)
COMPLETE – Public and Community Performance (Parliament of NSW, 4 June, 2018)
COMPLETE – Economic Performance (Parliament House Canberra, 18 June, 2018)

Our successful series of BREAKING THE DEADLOCK roundtables has resulted in outreach, awareness, additional valued members of our Expert Advisory Committee, increased political engagement, and a number of negotiations / due diligence activities underway with potential Foundation Participants. WE ARE ON TRACK TO THE PLAN. More work to do… stay tuned.

The competent, well-intentioned and substantial effort of leaders across Australia’s economy are not delivering transformative results. We are at a nexus. We need more than incremental performance to compete. However, our substantial committed effort across many virtuous ‘Islands of Excellence’ silos is not lifting us to achieve integrated high-performance outcomes.

The Grattan Institute’s 2017 ‘Stagnation Nation’ suggested ‘there are no magic bullets, only tough choices’, and a realistic expectation ‘that these choices will only produce incremental increases’. This deadlock in Policy options has been borne out across many competent contributions including the Heads of Treasuries’ ‘Intergovernmental Review of Business Investment’, The Productivity Commission’s ‘5 Year Productivity Review’, and the 2018 ‘2030 Strategic Plan’ from Innovation Science Australia.

In our elite highly-professional large-scale businesses, the deadlock is witnessed as flat-line investment and growth through a decade of unprecedented global opportunity and threat. We are under, not riding, the global wave of disruption. Meanwhile, sophisticated large-scale investors engage, but do not deliver, the Active Investor long-term fiduciary of Drucker’s 1991 prescience echoed by Blackrock’s Larry Fink just last year.

Resulting from, and compounding this, all of us are operating at unsustainable overload. We experience ideas resistance, perverse incentives, frustrated value and career risk. This intensity of effort cannot be sustained… and it is producing little difference. We are drowning in deadlock.

Breakthrough Australian research identifies higher-order of organisation that breaks this deadlock. Everything we see around us is the result of human organisation. We spotlight common practices faltering in the face of volatility, technology, disruption and complexity, and identify how to bring our Islands of Excellence through Integrated Maturity to Optimised Systemic Performance. Governance of Value Creation describes a universally applicable model for achieving high-performance outcomes in large-scale, mature-stage Australian-cultured organisations and across our public networks.

We observe that Australia’s leading ASX10-scale exponent of this practice has outstripped the index by 350% in a decade of consistent out-performance.

BREAKING THE DEADLOCK engages Australia’s most senior leadership in a series of events developing once-in-a-generation breakthrough ideas into cross-industry collaborative action. The series develops common expression of positive leadership interest towards a grand cross-industry collaboration in the Australian Institute of Performance Sciences (AIPS). The AIPS serves as a vehicle for the ongoing development of leading-edge practices… and coaching for high-performance use by Australia’s elite practitioners.