The Australian Institute of Performance Sciences (AIPS) drives achievement of the economic and social benefits of breakthrough research - for the sustained prosperity and economic wellbeing of all Australians. Governance of Value Creation insight enables sustained high-performance value-creation in large-scale organisations and optimising stewardship across sectors. The Institute of Performance Sciences can therefore be thought of somewhere between the collaborative development of Accounting Standards and the Australian Institute of Sport. It facilitates the ongoing collaborative development of leading-edge practices… and delivers coaching for high-performance use by elite practitioners. The AIPS is an independent, for-industry-by-industry not-for-profit, organisation led by an independent expert board. It is funded by subscription across the top 500 participants in the Australian economy. It promotes enhanced collaborative innovation aware governance practice for evidence based decision-making across all sectors of the economy. It is not a lobbyist for special interests.
Research Breakthrough
Coaching Elite Performers
Collaborative Action

Engaging Stakeholders

The AIPS serves the Top 500 participants in the Australian economy to improve their own performance, and to work on the disciplined collaborative practices and standards that interconnect the economic ecosystem. Our initial focus will be the Top 50 who represent 80% of the economic scale, plus those who by their nature reach out to participate in Ideas Leadership. Participants subscribe on a fee-for-service model, based on their size within the economy.

Engaging the Australian Economy's TOP50: ASX20 + 20 Largest Investors + Government



How will the AIPS work?

Think somewhere between the development of Accounting Standards and the Australian Institute of Sport. Collaborative development of leading-edge practices… and coaching for high-performance use by elite practitioners. All facets of the Institute will be supported by targeted outcome-focused academic research.  See the foundation activities of the Institute here
Develop Elite Leaders
Tools and skills for evidence based high-performance value-creation leadership within innovation, volatility and complexity. What future-oriented questions to ask at Board? What do quality answers look like? Applied value-creation leadership.
Expand Capabilities
Collaborative in-industry development of component disciplines. Activating and curating standardised measures and integrated practices from isolated professional discipline forums. Shared knowledge, shared skill.
Innovation Catalyst Unit
Trusted ‘Third Space’ for repeatable application of Advanced Innovation Practices and Governance of Value Creation into un-owned areas of the collaborative ‘public fabric’. Accelerated evidence-based social/economic outcome innovation.

Engagement and Governance

"Thank You" to the Global Thought Leaders contributing to the success of the Australian Institute of Performance Sciences.
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